GyrAnt is a versatile high performance antenna (GrAnt) and combines the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and the GNSS antenna. It can be mounted on flat surfaces with four screws or mounted on standard poles (5/8-11 or 1-14 inches thread). The GyrAnt antenna provides a high quality 3D position, velocity and attitude solution because of combination of absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of IMU gyro and accelerometer measurements. It is made of low cost inertial MEMS-based sensors and is good for autonomous navigation of vehicles passing by obstacles, like city canyons, and under bridges. IMU consists of three gyro sensors, three accelerometers oriented in mutually orthogonal axes, all placed in the water resistant aluminum antenna housing. IMU provides measurements of angular velocity and acceleration. The system improves standalone position and velocity measurements of the GNSS receiver and provides the attitude.The JAVAD GNSS receivers firmware contains algorithm of integration of the position with IMU. For standalone case it allows to bridge GNSS gaps up to 10 - 20 seconds with precision better than 10 m. GyrAnt can track GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO signals and can be used as standalone unit to provide the user with inertial data through the CAN or RS-422 port.

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